Bier Brewery

Quality, quality, quality.

If you have been in, you know we can be a particular bunch, but that is only because we focus so heavily on the quality of our BIER.  We have no problem putting in 14+ hour days to ensure everything is done RIGHT.

 *  Our BIERS are the cleanest possible.

 *  If there is an issue, the BIER gets dumped.  We have only had to do it a handful of                times, but if we would not buy it, we will not serve it.

*  Every BIER we craft has its own unique water profile.  We have many tools and                      tricks to make this bedrock for the BIER the best it can be.

*  BALANCE.  Even when we create an over the top 120+ IBU monster, it is well                          balanced and attenuated with subtle nuances.

Simply put—WE LOVE BIER.  We love what we do and we strive everyday to make the best BIER we possibly can.  As we say daily when we are brewing, “Today, we are brewing the best BIER we have ever brewed!”  We hope you stop in and try some of our awesomeness for yourself.

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